28th May 2017: Tunnel of the Fonte dell’Abbondanza Massa Marittima

During the Middle Ages, tunnels have been excavated in the travertine, where Massa Marittima has been built on, to guarantee water supply of the Fonte dell’Abbondanza, a building constructed and decorated by fresco’s during 1265. These tunnels had a strategical importance for the city, especially during sieges since they were the only source of water supply. In the tunnel, 270 m. long and 1,90 high, wells have been dug to collect the by the rocks filtered water.

Bagni di San Filippo – sulphur baths

July 2016

At the end of July we went to Bagni San Filippo, east of the Monte Amiata. Several small thermal springs flow together in the Fosso Bianco, where it is possibile to take a relaxing warm bath (gratis!….). At the end you find the Balena Bianca (white whale), a huge snow white rock completely covered  with calcareous sediments. …more photo’s on facebook

Short hike from Cala Violina to Cala Martina

Sunday 12 February 2017


We left immediately after lunch and headed for Cala Violina, situated between Punta Ala and Follonica. We parked our car and started hiking first through the Mediterranean woods and after along the coastline, enjoying the stunning view of the Gulf of Follonica on one hand and Cala Violina (foto) on the other. The trail is about 5 km and quit easy just slightly sloping. More photo’s on facebook……